Bulletin 3 for Cesis OPEN race is published!

Fan race “Cēsu OPEN”
Latvian Cup 12th stage and Latvian Sprint Cup 5th stage
26th – 27th August, Cēsis
3rd bulletin


Latvian Orienteering federation, SIA O! Latvija, OK Meridians in co-operation with Cesis and Amata Municipality.
Main referee: Matiss Ratnieks
Main secretary: Mārtiņš Dūdelis (m.dudelis@gmail.com)
Courses: Juris Knēts
Maps: Leonīds Malankovs and Igors Bužs (2017)

Saturday, 26th August, Middle distance
Competition center – skiing track “Ozolkalns” 

Coordinates – Lat: 57.2946598, Lon: 25.2226538
Competition program:
From 14:00 Registration and application clarification
15:00 Start in middle distance

Sunday, 27th August, Sprint
Competition center – Cesis Old city  

Coordinates – Lat: 57.3132239, Lon: 25.2748411
Competition program:
From 11:00 Registration in competition center
12:00 Start in sprint distance
15:00 Prize giving

Competition center – start: 500m
Comp. center  - parking: up to 500m
(Parking fee – 1 EUR car, 2 EUR busses).
Competition  center – start: 1100m
Parking cars in city streets outside the forbidden area (scheme)
Middle distance:
Till competition closed map “Ozolkalns” (LOF 920_2008). Forbidden area: scheme
Map maker: Leonīds Malankovs (2017)
M 1:10000, h 5m
A ravine with side ravines on the left-hand bank of the Gauja River. Spruce forest, passability from good to hard. Occasional undergrowth and fallen trees which obstruct the running. Height difference in the slope 85m. Roads of various categories.
Till competition closed maps “Cēsu Valsts ģimnāzija” (LOF 1103-2015) and “Cēsu vecpilsēta”. (LOF 1055_2014). Forbidden area: scheme
Map maker: Igors Bužs
M 1:4000 h 2m
Old Town of Cēsis with city parks.Height difference 30 m. 
*Maps will be printed on waterproof paper.

MW 12;14;16;18;20;21E;21A;21B;35;40;45;50;55;60;65;70;75;80
OPEN 1 – tehnically easy and short distance
OPEN 2 – middle complexity and length course
*OPEN classes in freely chosen time

Class Length, km CP Rise, meters Class Length, km CP Rise, meters
M12 2.0 8 110 W12 2.0 8 110
M14 3.2 11 180 W14 2.9 11 150
M16 4.1 14 220 W16 3.2 11 180
M18 4.5 15 260 W18 4.1 17 200
M20 4.8 18 260 W20 4.1 14 220
M21E 5.3 20 280 W21E 4.8 18 260
M21A 4,5 15 260 W21A 4.1 17 200
M21B 3.2 11 180 W21B 2.9 11 150
M35 4.5 15 260 W35 4.1 14 220
M40 4.5 16 250 W40 4.1 17 200
M45 4.5 16 250 W45 3.8 15 220
M50 4.1 14 220 W50 3.7 12 170
M55 4.1 17 200 W55 3.2 12 170
M60 3.8 15 220 W60 3.1 12 160
M65 3.7 12 170 W65 3.1 12 160
M70 3.2 12 170 W70 2.9 13 150
M75 3.2 12 170 W75 2.9 13 150
M80 3.1 12 160 W80 2.9 13 150
OPEN1 3.3 12 160 OPEN2 4.1 12 210
Class Length, km CP Rise, meters Class Length, km
M12 1.5 10 W12 1.5 10
M14 2.4 15 W14 2.4 15
M16 2.5 16 W16 2.5 17
M18 2.7 19 W18 2.5 17
M20 2.9 19 W20 2.6 17
M21E 2.9 19 W21E 2.6 17
M21A 2.7 19 W21A 2.5 16
M21B** 2.4 16 W21B** 2.4 15
M35 2.7 19 W35 2.5 17
M40 2.7 19 W40 2.5 17
M45 2.5 16 W45 2.4 16
M50 2.5 16 W50 2.4 16
M55 2.4 16 W55 2.3 16
M60 2.4 16 W60 2.3 16
M65 2.3 16 W65 2.2 16
M70 2.3 16 W70 2.2 16
M75 2.2 16 W75 1.8 14
M80 2.2 16 W80 1.8 14
OPEN1 1.9 14 OPEN2 2.4 18
 *Course lengths in sprint are measured through air line. Lengths can change little bit  and detailed information will be available on 4th bulletin.

**MW21B class results will be not evaluated in Latvian Sprint Cup overall results. If competitor have applied for participation in MW21B class, changes to MW21A class can be made freely writing to m.dudelis@gmail.com till the end of application deadline.
SPORTident will be used. Competitors with own SI cards have to specify number in application.
SI cards will be available for rent (1.00 EUR/day)
In case of loosing SI cards, competitor have to cover full price (35 EUR)

Online till 21.08.17 plkst. 23:59 using LOF system.
 For changes in applications write to Martins Dudelis (m.dudelis@gmail.com).
Entry fees have to be transferred using bank transfer! (Look below)
Registration date   One day Both days
01.03.17 – 18.08.17   12 EUR 22 EUR
19.08.17 – 21.08.17    13 EUR 24 EUR
MW21A-55, OPEN
01.03.17 – 18.08.17   10 EUR 18 EUR
19.08.17 – 21.08.17    11 EUR 20 EUR
MW16-20, MW 60-80
01.03.17 – 18.08.17   7 EUR 12 EUR
19.08.17 – 21.08.17   8 EUR 14 EUR
MW 12-14
01.03.17 – 18.08.16   5 EUR 8 EUR
19.08.17 – 21.08.17   6 EUR 10 EUR
- Paying entry fee in cash on competition day, +50% of entry fee will surcharged (amount depends from entry deadline). For each competitor receipt will be issued that may take long time.
- Participants who apply after 21.08.17 to vacancies, entry fee + 50% of the price on the last application date will be charged. When applying late, the start place is not guaranteed.
-Changing class after application deadline costs 5 EUR.
- Entry fees must transferred to the LOF account by each entry deadline. Electronic application via LOF.LV system  is considered as guarantee for paying entry fee.
If participants cancel their registration, the team does not arrive to the competition or the race is cancelled due to force majeure, the participation fee is not refunded.
LOF requisites:
Reģ.Nr.: 40008021960
IBAN: LV14RIKO0002013111372
DnB Banka
Adrese: Grostonas iela 6b, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvija
If a bill is required, please write to lof@lof.lv
In all classes 1st – 3rd place in two day overall sum will be awarded. Overall results will be calculated by summing coefficients of both days. 

http://turisms.cesis.lv/, http://visitcesis.lv/
Cafe, WC and first-aid
Matīss Ratnieks, e-mail: info [at]  olatvija.lv,  t. 20252282

Join our Orienteering World Cup 2017 organisers’ team!

This month we are organising the Orienteering World Cup 2017, Stage 3, to introduce the next year’s World Orienteering Championships. The international event will bring together 300 athletes from 27 countries. To have everything running smoothly, we cannot do without our eager-to-help volunteers.

The jobs and tasks are plentiful, and everybody will be able to find something to his or her own liking, from helping to set up the arenas to covering the event in all types of media!

Volunteers will be provided with accommodation, food, transport to arenas, the event outfit (a T-shirt, a vest and a cap), and what is more, experience that will be of value while organising the next year’s World Orienteering Championships. If you are ready to help us, please fill in this questionnaire , and we shall get in touch with you. If you have any questions, feel free to write to volunteers@woc2018.lv


Recently national teams have expressed interest in contributing or accepting runners to their relay teams,therefore we have set up a RUNNERS’ BANK  to facilitate the teams contacting each other.
Please refer to Special Rules for the 2017 Relay World Cup in Orienteering - National quotas and result list for competition 4:
„All Federations can start with a maximum of 3 men’s and 3 women’s teams. Each team consists of 3 team members. Only the best placed men’s team and best placed women’s team of each Federation will count for the World Cup result list. During competition 4 teams with runners from more than one Federation (but still with 3 team members) may participate but will not be placed in the results.”

Latvian team has selected the runners for the World Cup in Latvia

Latvian National Team Management has made the final desision and selected the following runners to World Cup in Latvia:
  Middle (25.08.) Relay (26.08.) Sprint (27.08.)
Inga Dambe      
Laura Vīķe      
Sandra Grosberga      
Irita Puķīte      
Līga Valdmane      
Elizabete Blūmentāle      
Laura Leiboma      
Signe Sirmā      
Vilma Alberinga      
Magda Cigle      
Andris Jubelis      
Rūdolfs Zērnis      
Edgars Bertuks      
Mārtiņš Sirmais      
Artūrs Pauliņš      
Artjoms Rekuņenko      
Dāvis Dišlers      
Andris Kivlenieks      
Uldis Upītis      
Jānis Tamužs      
Jānis Kūms      
“The selection process was rather easy”, says the Latvian National team Coach Jari Ikaheimonen. “Our strongest runners this year get to run what they wish, and those who've had World Cup as their main goal get to start too. All of our top runners will be running in Cesis!”
“In addition we have a handful of runners making their international debut in this World Cup - a special treat to the audience is a female Relay team that consist of 18 year old ladies only. It is a rare opportunity for the future talents to practice competing at the highest possible level in front of a home crowd!” Jari Ikaheimonen tells.

Information about spectators (OPEN) race.

Please see bulletin of spectators race  here - http://www.wcup2017.lv/Cesis-OPEN/

Visit of International Orienteering federation controllers

From the 12th to the 15th of May two International Orienteering federation controllers – Daniel Leibundgut and Urs Hofer – visited Latvia to survey event arenas in Riga and Sigulda where World Orienteering Championships 2018 will be held. All the organizational questions were discussed and the plan for further visits till WOC 2018 was made.

On the 14th of May controllers participated in the Latvian Championships in Long distance and also got acquainted with the job of our IT/TV command.

Next meeting with the IOF inspectors will take place during WOC2017 in Estonia.

Our organising WOC team who participated in the meeting:
Guntars Mankus – WOC2018 Nacional director
Inese Purgaile - WOC2018 Event Secretary
Indulis Peilāns – WOC2018 The Director of the Map and Distance service
Kārlis Osis – WOC2018 IT Department director
Jānis Lazdāns – WOC2018 Director


On behalf of the Latvian Orienteering federation (LOF), this May we would like to invite you to participate in the World Ranking events (WRE) in Latvia. We offer competitions which will be held in similar terrains as the 2017 World Orienteering Championships in Estonia and 2017 World Orienteering Cup in Latvia, as well as the 2018 World Orienteering Championships in Latvia.
In this year’s first Latvian National Orienteering championship orienteers will compete for medals in the sprint race. The competition will take place on the 6th of May in one of the biggest cities in Latvia – Liepāja – which is located on the Baltic seashore. The competition centre will be placed at Liepājas Seaside park. More information can be found in the Bulletin: http://lc.lof.lv/y-2017/sprint/. The registration for Elite classes men (M21E) and women (W21E) is possible via the IOF Event Management System EVENTOR: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events/Show/5734
On the 7th of Mayorienteers will have the ability to compete against the strongest runners of the Baltic countries in sprint relay (Bulletin: http://lc.lof.lv/y-2017/sprint-relay/). Terrain in both distances – mixed construction with irregular street network, park area and seaside dunes. But the day before, on the 5th of May, there will be a special event – an indoor orienteering competition in the concert hall “Liepājas Dzintars”.
At the end of the next week, on the 14th of May, in the northern Latvia, the Latvian National Orienteering championship in long distance will be held. Terrain is mostly mixed forest with different runnability, expressed relief forms, different size and shape swaps. We would like to note that the event area is only 20 km away from the 2017 World Orienteering Championships competition centre in Estonia, so the terrain is very similar (Bulletin: http://lc.lof.lv/y-2017/long/). The registration for Elite classes men (M21E) and women (W21E) via the IOF Event Management System EVENTOR: https://eventor.orienteering.org/Events.
As different orienteering sport events on the summer season in Latvia are accessible every day, we invite everyone to spend the week between both WRE by participating in competitions organized by local Latvian orienteering clubs. More details can be found at: http://lof.lv/serials


Please request your reservation by sending e-mail to
Reserved dates are 23-27.08.2017. If additional days are needed, please let us know ASAP, as places might not be available closer to summer!

HOTEL MELTURI [fully booked]
20-25 EUR per night, per person, in a double/twin room with breakfast. Shared/private bathrooms.
Dinner available upon request, lunch not available in the hotel.
Driving time to event centres - 10 min.
Location map: http://viesunamiem.lv/en/melturi 
Training maps available nearby.

HOTEL CĒSIS [fully booked]
40 EUR per night, per person, in a double room with breakfast. Full board 60 EUR.
Next to the sprint arena!
Location map: http://www.hotelkolonna.com/mobile/hotel-cesis_lv/map.html

10-13 EUR per night, per person. In the room 2-7 persons, shared bathrooms. Possibility to order food.
Driving time to Cesis - 5 min, to middle distance - 10 min.
Location map: http://www.hostelispriekuli.lv/en/location/
Training maps available nearby.

12 EUR per person, for a team up to 7 persons.
Shared bathroom, big room. Full board 32 EUR. Swimming place next to house! Less than 10
min driving to the event centres.
Location map:http://viesunamiem.lv/laimes-ligzda

1, 2, 3, 4  bed rooms. Full board 47EUR per night. The same hotel where accomodation for Euromeeting 2016 was offered.
35 min drive from event centre
Location map: http://viesunamiem.lv/ratnieki


WCUP 2017/ WOC 2018 Training Camp 2  will be held at May/June 2017

You can find more  information about trainings  here: TRAINING POSSIBILITIES


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