Attention! World Cup Final coming up

After 8 competitions in 3 Countries there are three women that have the potential to win, but it looks most likely that Natalia Gemperle or ToveAlexandersson that will make up the two highest positions on the podium in Switzerland. In the men’s World Cup challenge, there is an even tighter final where 12 men have the chance to win. There is a total of 200 new points to claim on the Long and Middle distance on Friday and Saturday. Who will claim them? Watch LIVE Orienteering and find out!
The Team World Cup will have its final Competition with the Sprint Relay on Sunday. Team Sweden have already claimed the top position but the rest of the podium is something for Switzerland, Russia and Norway to sort out. See what happens by watching LIVE Orienteering.

Program and LIVE Orienteering Broadcasts
LIVE orienteering will be available globally on the web.The Broadcast from the Long distance on Friday will be limited quality (not TV quality). Therefore, the broadcast from the ‘Long’ will be available for free. All broadcasts on LIVE Orienteering will have Livestream with English language commentators, GPS tracking and LIVE results.
Friday 29th September – Long distance
·         First start: 10:40, Last start:15:10 (UTC + 2i.e. CEST).
·         Expected Finish Women: 16:20, Expected Finish Men: 16:40 (UTC + 2 i.e. CEST)
·         LIVE Orienteering Broadcast START at 13:30 and END at 16:50 (UTC+2 i.e.CEST)
·         Day ticket: Free!
·         Quality: Limited. Only Arenaproduction, 2 Cameras, good GPS data connection, commentators from the Arena (Per Forsberg &Jonas Merz), No ticket needed, sponsored by the IOF and Swiss Orienteering.
Saturday 30th September- Middle
·         Start times Women 10:00 to 13:24 (UTC + 2 i.e. CEST)
·         Start times Men 11:30 to 14:59 (UTC + 2 i.e. CEST)
·         LIVE Orienteering Broadcast START at 12:10 and END at 16:00 (UTC+2 i.e. CEST)
·         Day ticket: 6 EURO
·         Quality: Full TV production. Good GPS connection. Full Commentators effort. 11 Cameras, Running-Cam and Cable-Cam.
·         Commentators: Katherine Bett & Jonas Mathys (Expert)              
Sunday 1 October -  Sprint Relay
·         Start times 14:25 (UTC + 2 i.e. CEST)
·         LIVE Orienteering Broadcast START at 14:10 and END 15:45 (UTC+2 i.e. CEST)
·         Ticket: 6 EURO
·         Quality:Full TV production. Good GPS connection. Full Commentators effort. 9 Cameras, Running-Cam 
·         Commentators: Katherine Bett & Jonas Mathys (Expert)

LIVE Orienteering Ticket - Weekend offer
A Weekend Ticket costs 10 EURO and includesSaturday’s Middle and Sunday’s Sprint Relay competitions. Tickets are purchased at Weekend ticket is purchased on the Event page on LIVE Orienteering. Day tickets are purchased if you click on a specific competition day on the Event page.
TV Coverage (Note! Check each broadcaster for up to date info)
Switzerland: Middle and Sprint Relay will be broadcasted in Switzerland by SRF2. Broadcast times will be the same as Live Orienteering. Commentators: Michele Schönbächler and Simone Niggli
Sweden: Middle will be broadcasted by SVT on TV and SVT Play (webcast). Commentators: Jacob Hård and Mats Troeng
Finland: Middle and Sprint Relay will be broadcasted by YLE.
Follow the final on Social media - #owcupfinal


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